Friday, July 12, 2013

DOY BlogLovin' Tour:: Success!

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I have to admit that my thoughts about success before reading all the wonderful posts in this week's BlogLovin' Tour were a little quite narrow. 

For so long I've thought I was a failure with so many things. Of course I have had some successes along the way, but I thought my failures outweighed my successes. 

But now I see success in a whole new way. So many of the posts talk about success as how you feel. Seriously? How cool is that! 

Success is how I feel about myself, my life, my choices, the people I am surrounded by, the activities I chose to take part in. With this change of thought, I feel so relieved to find out that I'm not a failure after all. I have had SO many successes!  

Successes can be so small and seem almost insignificant. But don't discount them. They are important! Successes like, drinking that Green Smoothie this morning rather than eating that sugar-laden cereal; choosing to park your car farther away from the store so you can get a few extra steps into your day; choosing not to get caught up in negative gossip; going to bed at a decent time rather than your usual late night, so you can get some solid rest that your body and mind are crying out for. 

This is quite the mind-set change for me and I am going to run with it. :) I'm going to start a "Today's Successes" list and, each day in the evening I'm going to reflect back on my day and list every success I have experienced, big or small. 

Imagine focusing on all the wonderful, positive things in your day, rather than focusing on the negative stuff that happened, and all that you didn't do. Focus on all that you did do! 

ALSO, I will write down other people's successes. If someone holds the door open for me, sent a smile my way, chatted with me at the grocery store. If a family member or friend achieves one of their goals, or shares good news, or is celebrating something - anything - in their lives. Those are all successes for them.

When we share in other people's successes by acknowledging them and congratulating them and holding that moment of pure joy that happens when you have a success, that increases not only their happiness, but yours as well. It sends positive, loving, happy energy their way, which comes back to you too, increasing your own love energy! 

I am really excited about how much happier I will feel about each day and how much better I will feel about myself and other people. 

This is an experiment that I invite you to try with me. Please comment below if you are on board. I would love to hear how it is going for you and what positive changes you experience in your life because of this change in mind-set. I will be sure to post updates here as well. :)

xo ~ Kim 

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