Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Reindeer Painting

I painted yesterday!!! I am LOVING Christy Tomlinson's Winter Whimsy Workshop! I can't wait to make the next project - a Reindeer Owl! So, here is my adorable Reindeer:

I didn't have all the stamps and rub-ons that Christy has so I just used what I had. I also forgot to give my reindeer a neck, but I absolutely love how she turned out. I think she is so cute! I also gave her eyelashes and a smile. So I did a few different things to make her my own.

I am getting so many ideas for paintings. I love that Christy shows her creative process. She shows how and where she gets her ideas and how she translates them into her own style. That is what I've been looking for! I love to see other people's creative process. And now I have ideas on how and where to look for inspiration and how to translate that into my own style, which I'm still working on, but now I have a much better idea of how to get there. Very exciting! :)

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