Saturday, June 15, 2013

Declaration of You:: Uniquity:: What Makes You, YOU

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Uniquity . . . What is it that makes me, me,

Oh, how I have asked myself this question soooo many times! 

I have been "searching for myself" for decades. Being under the mistaken belief that I had to find that one thing that was my talent or calling or whatever you want to call it has made it so much more difficult than it had to be.

Now I know that there are many different things that make me, me. I used to think there was nothing that made me a unique individual. I thought I was just your every day, plain Jane - Jane of all trades, master of none. 

I had (and have) many different talents. Twenty years ago, I would have labeled that "talents." Yes, I could write, draw, paint, play the flute, had a good mind for business. But I didn't think that made me special in any way. Lots of people can do those things and they can do them better than me. 

For such a long time, I was desperate to have that one thing that I had a "special gift" in, that made me stand out in the crowd. But I didn't. 

You know what? There are still times I wish so much that I did have just that one thing that I was super passionate about and that I did at an extraordinary level. I'll be honest. There is a part of me that wants to be noticed. I have felt invisible for most of my life and I have always longed to feel special and loved for who I am. 

But I'm learning the most valuable lesson in my life. It is far more important for me to accept and love my self for who I am than it is to look for outside love, acceptance, and validation. 

My thoughts, my feelings, the words I say and write, the different ways in which I express myself, the things that light me up, turn me on, and bring me joy, as well as the things that I don't particularly care for - these are the things that make me unique. 

I haven't mastered this lesson and maybe I never will completely master it, but I'm getting better at it. Maybe it will be a lifetime of learning, letting go, accepting. But it is so much more delicious this way! 

There is only one me, with this particular set of talents and skills and thought processes and modes of expression. And there is only one you! You are a beautiful unique individual. I know that you can hear that a million times and still not fully accept it. I have been there. I am still working my way out of that belief. 

Here are some fun questions to help move you toward the direction of seeing your beautiful uniqueness:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing?
2. What kinds of music do you like? What are your favorite singers/bands? 
3. Do you play a musical instrument? If not, do you have a secret desire to play one? If so, which instrument or instruments?
4. What are your favorite foods to eat?
5. What are your favorite hot beverages to drink? What about cold beverages?
6. What are your favorite colors?
7. What is your clothing style? Or what do you wish to dress like?
8. What are your favorite home decor styles?
9. How would you decorate your home?
10. What are your favorite TV shows? Or do you not even like TV?
11. What are your favorite movies? Or are you not a movie buff at all?
12. What scents do you enjoy the most? 
13. Who do you most admire? What is it about them that you admire?
14. What are your favorite memories?
15. Do you like to travel?
16. What are the top 3 places you would love to travel?
17. What are the secret dreams of your heart?
18. What are your favorite blogs and/or magazines?
19. If you like going to the book store or library, what sections are you most drawn to? 
20. If you had all the money you would ever need or want, what would you do with your days? Would you take classes to learn things you've always wanted to learn? Would you travel the world? Would you take photos, make jewelry, paint, draw, write fiction or memoirs or poetry, scrapbook, sculpt, write music, play an instrument, dance, become a yoga master, learn about alternative healing methods? What else would you want to spend your days doing?

Okay, now here is a bit of a twist. Go through the questions above one more time, but this time, answer them in the negative. Replace the word "like" with "don't like" and "favorite" with "least favorite," etc. 

It's the things that we like, as well as the things that we don't like, that make up who we are as unique individuals.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

~ xo Kim ~ 


  1. Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay for our Uniquity and for Kim to be celebrating her own magnificence *yayyyyy*

  2. Thanks, Callie! You, my wonderful mentor and coach have been so instrumental in helping me to clear out the cobwebs and get more clarity in what direction I want to go in. I can't ever thank you enough. :)