Monday, June 3, 2013

Magic * Making Class - I WON the FREE spot!!!

Guess what? I WON the FREE spot in Magic * Making, an online art class with Mindy Lacefield and Alena Hennessy! I can hardly believe it. I never win anything! It starts September 2nd. I can't wait to begin!!! 

You know what is so out-of-this-world-cool about this? I had decided to just give up on my art. It had just become an act of frustration. I was sick of copying other people's work and sick of trying to figure out what my own style is, so just forget it. 

I remember I was sitting in a doctor's office and checking my email on my phone and I came across this email announcing the free spot in this new collaborative class with Mindy and Alena. I have loved Mindy's work for years, but I had never heard of Alena, so I went and checked out her site and fell in love with her art and her blog. Her art has such vibrancy and aliveness to it. 

As I said I had decided to just give up on my art, so when I first saw the email I almost deleted it, thinking "Nah, I'm done with art."

But something inside me stopped and I said to myself, "Let's give this one more go. If I win a spot in this class, that is a sign from the Universe to continue working on my painting." 

I kid you not. That is exactly what I said to myself! Of course I never thought I would actually win the free spot because I never win anything! 

I was completely shocked when I got the email from Alena that I had won. My jaw dropped in utter shock and then I was hootin' and hollerin' with happiness and excitement and jumping up and down in my seat and then started doing the happy dance around my apartment. :) 

So, here I go. I'm giving painting another shot. I'm itching to paint so badly. I plan on going through Flora Bowley's most awesome book Brave Intuitive Painting: Let go. Be bold. Unfold. ~ Techniques For Uncovering Your Own Unique Painting

And this chapter continues . . . 

~ xo Kim ~ 


  1. That's so exciting that you won! Yay for you! I hope it brings a huge surge of enthusiasm, creativity, and love your way. You will have to share all the fun things you create :)

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I will definitely show all the paintings I create in this course. :)