Thursday, September 19, 2013

21 Day Blog Writing Challenge

So I sit here and wonder. Is it fear that is keeping me from creating my dream life? Creating paintings and e-books and e-courses and blog posts?

Or is it that I am just plain lazy. I can spend hours, all day even, reading blogs and articles on the internet. If I could get paid to do that I would be enormously rich.

It doesn't take any effort to read blogs. It doesn't require any bravery or courage. All it takes is curiosity and an interest. I have that in spades.

But really, what holds me back?

I am remembering old feelings of frustration when writing with a purpose in mind. Journaling is easy. I can write whatever I want. No one is going to see it. I wish I could write this easily for stuff that will be seen by other’s eyes.

With journaling I don’t have to think about it at all. With blog posts, I want to make sure they sound good, are grammatically correct, spell-checked, edited, etc. Oy with the poodles already! (anyone know what show that saying comes from???)

Yeah, so I’m thinking of just adding this to my blog. I haven’t written in a while and I want to put something up there.

I’m thinking of doing a 21 day challenge like Colleen Wainwright does. But what in the world would I write about – for public eyes – for 21 days in a row?

I don’t live an exciting life. I have low energy (thanks, Fibro!). I’m an introvert and don’t interact with lots of other people.

I would feel all kinds of pressure if I did this challenge. Wouldn't it suck all the fun out of writing a blog?

But wait. I’m not having any fun writing a blog since I’m not even actually writing blog posts.

Maybe it will be more fun than I think? Maybe the act of writing for the public would help me to improve my writing skills? Maybe I would grow to enjoy writing more and more on my blog? Who knows? 

It could certainly help me to overcome my fear and self-doubt. And, really, that is the center of what holds me back from writing more. 

Maybe I should compose my blog posts in Microsoft Word, right here in my computer journal, like I'm doing right now. Maybe it would feel less intimidating than logging onto Blogger and writing in the smallish box. It would be like I’m just writing another journal entry.

I could try, couldn't I?

Here’s to Day 1 of my 21 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Cheers! 

xo ~ Kim

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