Friday, September 27, 2013

Invest in yourself - Amazing Biz & Life Academy

I just found out that once you sign up for the Amazing Biz & Life Academy you are locked in at the price you signed up for! So, the price is $199 a year (or $55 a month for 4 months if you want to use the payment plan) IF you sign up by September 30th. On October 1st her price doubles to $497 a year. 

If any of  you have been thinking about signing up for the Amazing Biz & Life Academy, you should do whatever you have to to make it happen now. Then it's only $197 a year for life. If you wait you will end up paying almost $500 every year! 

I have already made some awesome connections at the Academy and I've only been there for a week. I have signed up for an awesome side group that one of the members has put together to go alone with the Business Goddess e-course starting October 1st. She wanted to go through the e-course with writing in mind and thought it would be great to have a side Master Mind group with others who also want to focus on writing. We are put into groups of only 3 people each and will call each other once a week. This way an hour-long call will give you 20 minutes each to talk about your own process and what your intentions are and what you might want help having accountability with. I can't wait! :) There are also so many other awesome mini groups within the Academy that would fit just about anything you might want (even on topics of health, making your home a haven, etc.). 

I'm so excited I got in with the $199 a year deal before the price went up! Yay!!! 

Click HERE to go to the Academy. 

Hope to see you all there!

xo ~ Kim

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