Monday, May 20, 2013

A quote that just changed my life forever

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” 
- Robert Frost

In my coaching training program this quote was the start of a discussion thread and we were asked how our Mentor is our awakener. I wanted to share my answer here on my blog: 

I love this quote so much! I am completely in love with the idea of being an "awakener" rather than a teacher! It brings what I want to do to a whole new and much deeper level that delights and tickles my soul! 
My Mentor is my awakener by helping me to go deeper within myself and discover and "awaken" those parts of myself that have been either lying dormant or have been too shy or afraid to come to the surface.
I will surely be pondering this quote and all the levels of meaning it has for me. What is so awesome about this quote is that I actually feel it has awakened a deeper level in me already. It has touched something deep within me that I thought I had lost forever. A level that I had lost or buried or let go of somewhere along the way of raising children, homeschooling them, getting divorced, moving back to my beautiful birth state - the home in my heart - Massachusetts, and the struggles I have been experiencing for the past four years of this strange new life being a divorced woman in my early forties with grown kids and creating a whole new life for myself. The struggles of having an empty nest and losing the only identity I had ever felt comfortable with as a full time mother. My identity was so wrapped up in my kids and in only being Kim, The Mom. 
For the past four years I have felt so lost and sad and lifeless; like I no longer existed. I felt as if my soul had left my body when my kids grew up and began lives of their own. I was a shell, sleep walking, struggling to find a way to come back to life. What use was I now? What purpose and meaning could my life now have? 
I have slowly been coming back to life and I mean really s  l  o  w  l  y. But this training program. I knew I had to take this training program, and now! 
And today NanLeah shared this eight word quote - separately, eight simple words - but together, a powerful, beautiful, source of divine light. Eight words that have stirred my soul like never before. 
I must sit with this. I must write poetry and prose to explore this awakening and process the incredible and indescribable impact these words are having on me. 

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  1. *hurrah* Kim was awakened and is living her creative bliss!!!

    I, too, struggle with the phrase 'teacher' (hehe - did we go to the same school?) and this is one of my favourite quotes too :)

    May you shine with divine light and continue to bless everyone with your presence on this joyfull ARTbundance journey x